Discover Celebration's Social Wall and Reward System

to increase peer recognition in your enterprise.


Reward Points System
Empower your team with a points system to spotlight accomplishments and simplify your brand-focused reward campaigns and contests. Forget the complexities of time and money, and choose effortless managing rewards. 

Virtual Recognition Wall
Elevate your workplace with our social recognition platform. Celebrate achievements effortlessly, fostering a sense of belonging, and connecting your team like never before.

News Feed, Celebrations and Badges
Share important information (like tips and reminders) with all your users or a group, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries automatically, and award badges to recognize good work.

Incentive Campaigns and KPI Management
Easily communicate ongoing contests and campaigns, then share updates on your performance indicators via the employee dashboard.

Available 24/7 on any device, for all your employees*

Ideal for:

Value Recognition Programs ● Occupational Health and Safety ● Achievements ● Team performance ● Sales Contests ● Internal communication



Unlock Endless Possibilities with Our Intuitive Virtual Recognition Wall!

Discover Our One-of-a-Kind Flexible Reward Store

Offer a wide variety of gift cards, products, and experiences* in exchange for reward points.

Personalize your gift shop and add your own rewards at no extra cost: branded merchandise, days off, donations to charitable organizations, and more!

The possibilities are endless!

*Experiences are available across Canada.

Gift Cards
Corporate Merchandise
Personal Days Off

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