Try 4 Recognition Challenges From the Orange Program for Free

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Each challenge card suggests an easy but meaningful action you can take to recognize the work of your colleagues. Use these challenge cards yourself and share them with your managers to start practicing non-monetary recognition today.

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What's the Orange Program?

  • A 6-week online training: To equip managers for the practice of daily non-monetary recognition.

  • 30 min/week sessions: Adapted to busy schedules, without compromising quality.

  • Flexibility: No start dates or fixed viewing times.

  • Tangibles tools: Over 15 downloadable and reusable resources available to participants

A Proven Formula : +2000 Managers Trained !

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Testimonial from a participant:

"This training pushed me to think about the importance of recognition. I now take the time to get to know each member of my team individually and acknowledge their work even in the busiest times'' 

Logistics Manager, Nortera

Testimonial from a participant:

''The Orange Program was an enriching experience, both professionally and personally. The recognition challenges were particularly interesting and helped me gain a better understanding of myself and discover new ways of interacting with my colleagues''

Financial Director, Nortera

Testimonial from a participant:

''Before the course, I was already regularly recognizing my team members. The videos and tools offered helped me improve my ability to recognize them effectively, to have a greater positive impact with them''

Human Resources Manager, Nortera

HR Manager Testimonial

''There has been a great awareness of the need for recognition''

Sabryna G.
Human Resources Advisor, Dessercom

HR Manager Testimonial

« Plant managers don’t have the time or inclination to sit down to theoretical training courses lasting more than an hour. The Orange Program, with videos of up to 25 minutes per week and hands-on activities, fitted in perfectly with their busy schedules and learning preferences. What’s more, as the training is spread over several weeks, they had plenty of time to put the concepts taught into practice  » 

Oriane Tiesseyre
Total Rewards Coordinator, Nortera

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